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For nearly 20 years, we have been successfully helping people overcome even the most life-changing events through the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and with good reason--hypnosis works!



The pain of divorce, or the break up of a committed relationship, is often utterly heart-breaking and unlike that of any other. In some ways, it can emotionally be even worse than the death of a spouse, as the person leaving is still alive, but has made a conscious choice to abandon the relationship. Many divorces also involve issues of betrayal and seemingly cold-blooded behaviors from someone you have loved and trusted for a long time. That can not only tarnish the meaning one attaches to the future, but also to the present and past as well. 


There are many reasons why clients from all over North County, including San Marcos, Escondido, Vista, Carlsbad,  and Oceanside, come to us for help in recovering from divorce or the break up of a relationship. If you are suffering from a traumatic break up, hypnotherapy can specifically help you:

  • Mend a broken heart

  • Find the courage to seek love again

  • Restore feelings of self-esteem, worthiness of love, and hope for the future

  • Resolve underlying beliefs and feelings of anger, sadness, shame, and rage

  • De-sensitize you to those things that tend to bring on unwanted waves of emotion

  • Put an end to obsessive, unhealthy thoughts

  • Provide a safe, internal space for exploring your feelings, behaviors, and options for the future

  • Clear up the mental fog that may be interfering with your job and daily productivity

  • Create a deliberate amnesia for people and things that are unhealthy for you to think about

  • Take care of YOU (your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical being)

  • Chart a positive path through recovery so you can get back on track toward a happy future


Much of the fallout from divorce is external and very tangible:  Work, finances, living arrangements, transportation, visitation with children, relationships with shared family and friends--all can be severely impacted. But at its core, the most severe damage is often to the person left behind who, almost always, is the one who never wanted the divorce in the first place. It is for these individuals that hypnotherapy can often provide very powerful and much-needed relief.

So often, when we are involved in a committed relationship our identity and sense of personal value are derived from our relationship with our partner. And this is as it should be, as marriage is supposed to be a full commitment of two people to one another for the rest of their lives.

And yet, when a marriage suddenly breaks down, or one spouse decides unilaterally to leave the other, the committed partner left behind often finds themselves feeling like a castaway lost in space. People start asking themselves questions they never wanted, or expected, to have to ask at this point in their lives, questions like, "Who am I?", "Am I am really worthy of love?", "Do I even have a future?"

Those questions can be terrifying, but it is how we address them that will determine whether or not divorce will be the thing that crushes us or moves us to become stronger, better, and maybe even happier, people. The challenge is that these are not only intellectual questions, but questions of the heart, and as such, they cannot be fully addressed merely at the level of conscious thought.

And that is exactly why hypnosis can be so useful. Hypnotherapy is all about working with the unconscious mind--in a very real sense, you heart--that part of you that responds to the world automatically, before conscious thought. Through hypnotherapy, we can help you directly change the way you process the various challenges of divorce, so that when you are faced with those unwelcome questions, you are able to respond to them from a position of health and strength.   


At Bridges Hypnosis Center, we care very deeply about the long-term welfare of every one of our clients. That is why we are a trusted name in North County San Diego. If you are suffering from the damage of divorce, we want you to know that we can be a powerful resource to help you move forward in life, whether you combine our services with that of a qualified counselor, or choose to address the challenges of divorce on your own.

We will work with you to determine exactly what you need and develop a customized plan that is within your budget to help you fast-forward the healing process so you can feel whole again as quickly as possible.


Taking your first step toward healing and a happy future couldn't be any easier or risk-free.  Your healing begins by clicking on the button below. 

During your consultation, we will gather information on your particular case, discuss how hypnosis can work for you, and then lay out an intelligent plan for your success. If it seems like a 'good fit' for both of us, we will then schedule your first actual hypnotic session.

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John Bridges, CH, CPEH
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