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To ensure our clients receive the very best hypnotic services possible, we closely follow the guidelines laid out by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest, largest, and most respected organization for professional hypnotists in the world.

Initial Consultation & Intake

We begin with a FREE, no-obligation comprehensive intake session. During this first meeting, which usually lasts about an hour, we will gather all pertinent information regarding your particular challenges and goals. We will discuss with you how hypnosis works and what you can expect from your hypnotic sessions, as well as tips to ensure your maximum success and comfort. Assuming all parties recognize a ‘good fit’, we will then schedule your first hypnotic session. To schedule your own initial consultation now, simply click here.

Hypnotic Sessions 

Despite common misconceptions, the best hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the world have always worked with their clients over multiple sessions. We strongly discourage anyone seeking professional hypnotic help to steer clear of any individuals making excessive claims or promising ‘single session success’. For maximum effectiveness and safety, hypnotic work should be conducted in-person by a professional and should be carefully tailored to the needs of each and every individual. This takes time, proper consideration, and expertise.

Our general protocol is to ensure success by building your strength over multiple sessions. We begin with a session that includes an assessment of basic hypnotizability, deep trance induction, ego strengthening, and future-pacing. During this first, ‘real’ session, we will assess what hypnotic approaches you are most responsive to, as well as what methods are least likely to be successful. We will also be implanting powerful suggestions for your ongoing success, as well as ensuring that you experience the deepest, most enjoyable hypnotic session possible.

During subsequent sessions, we will go even deeper into resolving any internal obstacles to your success, as well as reinforce your connection with the achievement of your goals. With each session, the work becomes more and more finely-tuned to your specific goals and needs.

Lastly, depending upon your particular case and the chosen protocol, you may be taught extremely powerful methods of self-hypnosis so that you can continue to build on the success of your sessions long after they are over.

Hypnotic Recordings

Depending on individual client needs, we occasionally offer supplemental hypnotic audio recordings, available for download via email. These recordings are intended to reinforce the work accomplished during live sessions and are provided absolutely free-of-charge.


Professional hypnotherapy should be considered a specialty service for individuals who are serious about investing in lasting change--not a cheap, 'quick fix' gimmick. With an extremely high level of proficiency and over twenty years of clinical expertise, we generally charge accordingly. For this reason, our fees are reflective of the rates charged by other high-level professional therapists and specialists in the San Diego area.

For anyone with a serious interest in hypnotherapy, we offer free, zero-pressure, in-person consultations. Your willingness to meet with us in person is considered to be the first indication of your own level of commitment to working with us to improve your life. During these consultations, we carefully consider the needs and resources of each potential client. In general, the more sessions a client requires or opts for, the lower will be their cost per session. It should also be noted that although we operate from a set fee schedule, we carefully consider the seriousness of each individual's situation, what they can afford, and the likely benefit of both parties to a therapeutic relationship with them. Put simply, even if someone cannot automatically afford our services, if we feel they are approaching us with the right attitude and we recognize a strong ability to work with them, then we will do what we can within reason to work within their budget. For all the reasons above, and a variety of others, we will not discuss specific costs or fees for our services over the phone, or via email.

Payment Options

We take payment in the form of cash, checks drawn from local banks, and all major credit cards. Most insurers do not cover fees for hypnotic services and we do not currently accept payments through insurance.

A Special Note to Groupon Purchasers

We are of the opinion that Groupon operates according to a highly unethical business model. Because we believe in adhering to extremely high levels of ethics in our own practice, we discontinued all promotional campaigns with Groupon in 2018 and will no longer have any association whatsoever with them. Groupon knowingly deceives merchants who wish to offer temporary deals to potential buyers by deliberately making it extremely difficult to terminate a Groupon discount campaign once it has concluded. Although creating a Groupon discount campaign is done online and is extremely easy to set up, merchants cannot terminate the campaign through the simple click of a button. Unlike all other similar services (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), Groupon forces merchants who want to 'close' their campaign to contact them directly. They provide intentionally 'dead end' routes, such as a telephone number that no one ever answers, and an email option that no one ever responds to. What this means to a merchant or private practitioner is that they may be involved with Groupon in perpetuity against their will unless they do a lot of research, spend a lot of time, and resort to extraordinary measures. 


We are still in the process of permanently distancing ourselves from Groupon. In the meantime, if you have purchased a 'Groupon Voucher' for our services, we kindly ask that you do three things:

  1. Request an immediate refund from Groupon.

  2. File a public complaint or review against them on internet review sites or social media.

  3. Visit our office with proof of your Groupon purchase so we can offer you an equal discount directly.

Hours of Operation

Individual sessions are by appointment only, however we usually see clients during weekdays and evenings between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm. We are typically closed on Sunday.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices directly at:  (800) 284-2798

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