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How Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Have you ever driven home while listening to your favorite music, only to suddenly discover that you were parked at your house and that the trip, which normally seemed to take so long, was over in the blink of an eye?

Here's a good question: While you were 'spacing out' and 'losing track of time', who, exactly was doing the driving? The answer, of course, is your unconscious mind. Most people don't think about it very often, but the reality is, we all have an unconscious mind. It’s that part of us that keeps life moving, even without our conscious involvement.

And that can be both good and bad. It is good when your unconscious mind takes care of all those tasks that really need to be done, but are just too overwhelming for your conscious mind to handle--things like making your heart beat, breathing, digesting food, or putting your foot on the brake so you don’t smash that cat that just ran out in front of your car.

But it can be bad when your unconscious mind is automatically acting on outdated or faulty programming that goes against your conscious goals and keeps you from living a happy, fulfilled life.

And that is where hypnosis comes in…

In simplest terms, hypnosis is the natural process used to re-write the programming of the unconscious mind.

At the most basic level, it involves three steps:

  1. Fix the person’s attention.

  2. Distract, or relax, the critical part of their conscious mind in order to bypass it.

  3. Implant suggestions in the person’s unconscious mind.

Now, think about that: How many times, in your life, has your attention been fixed, your conscious mind been relaxed or distracted, and suggestions been implanted into your mind?

How about the last time you watched a TV commercial?

You see, the fact is, contrary to popular belief, people are being hypnotized all the time. The late, great hypnotist, Dr. Milton Erickson referred to this as, ‘everyday waking trance’.

And normally, that’s not bad, as most of the programming that takes place while we are in this everyday hypnosis is actually useful.

But there are certainly times when it is not.

...Like when you were an innocent little child and someone tagged you with a limiting label that you accepted and kept for the rest of your life.

…Or when you had that one argument and someone said something so hateful that it hurt you to your very soul.

…Or maybe that one time when something so traumatic happened that it darkened your world forever.

At those times, we have been programmed through what you might call, ‘haphazard’ or ‘accidental’ hypnosis. And the effect on our lives can be very powerful, and also very negative.

Fortunately, the same basic hypnotic process that caused those problems can also be used to undo them. Through professional hypnotherapy, you can enter into very pleasant, deep hypnotic trance states where those old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving can be updated and transformed into new patterns that will automatically set you on a course to a much happier, and more fulfilled, life.

If you think that you might have encountered some early life programming that is keeping you from living the life you really deserve, then now is the time to put an end to it.

Call Bridges Hypnosis Center today at (800) 284-2798 to discuss a FREE, zero-pressure consultation. With nearly 20 years of professional hypnotherapy experience, we have worked successfully with thousands of people. We can help you clarify your goals and lay out a realistic, workable plan to help you overcome all the unconscious obstacles that have been holding you back.

Give us a call today and discover how hypnosis can help you create a breakthrough in your life!

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