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The world today offers a lot of options for who to turn to when you need a solution to life’s challenges. This can be great, but it can also be overwhelming—especially when you are trying to choose a professional in a field that is new to you.

So, if you are a person who is genuinely seeking help and wants to try hypnosis, how can you know which hypnotherapist you can trust?

Well, that evaluation obviously begins with an examination of training and credentials. If you want to take a look at ours, you can view them on our 'About' page.

Below are some facts about John Bridges, the Director of Bridges Hypnosis Center, that may help you decide:

Professionalism & Integrity

  • John is well-known and highly-respected throughout both the business world and the world of professional hypnotherapy. Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, John was specially appointed by an executive ethics committee to design and deliver business ethics training for seven Fortune 500 companies.

  • As a highly-experience hypnotherapist in private practice since 2001, John is widely-regarded by both his clients and other hypnotherapists as a top expert in the field.

  • John is truly passionate about his work. His passion for hypnotherapy stems not only from the results he has helped create with his clients, but also from the impact that hypnosis has had on his own life.

  • John is not only highly-trained in traditional and Ericksonian hypnotherapy through the world-renowned Leidecker Institute and the Washington School for Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis, but he is also a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a highly sought-after specialist in advanced communication, who has trained over 6,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.

  • John has trained other hypnotherapists on advanced concepts of hypnotherapy. He has been a featured speaker on the topic of hypnosis at several universities, psychology societies, and government organizations.

  • John has been featured several times in newspaper and online interviews regarding hypnosis.

  • John's first published book, 'Verbal Magic', which deals with advanced language patterns for therapists and coaches has been sold in 47 countries around the world.

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