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Find yourself again through hypnosis.

For over 23 years, John Bridges, BCH, CI, CPEH, has been using advanced hypnotic techniques to help people in pain so they can reclaim their lives without prolonged therapy. As an NGH Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, John is among the world’s top practitioners, and is one of the highest-rated hypnotherapists in California, south of Los Angeles. With professional experience spanning decades, he specializes in addressing even the most severe issues and is recognized across the U.S. and Canada for his compassionate and expert approach. Don't settle for less experienced hypnotists. John is a proven clinical hypnotherapist who has already helped thousands heal and transform their lives. He can help YOU, too!

Do you feel like you're constantly at odds with yourself? 

Do you want to fulfill your potential, but find yourself stuck in negative patterns?

Do past events continue to weigh you down?



Unleash Your Potential by Resolving Inner Conflicts


"We all know that we have both a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Your ‘unconscious mind’ is that part of you that contains your memories, emotional responses, and automatic programming. Both these parts of you are very real. However, because they typically work seamlessly together, we often don’t recognize these very different aspects of ourselves. It is only when they are at odds with one another that we experience a problem."

For example, a person may want to quit smoking, drinking, or lose weight because they know their health is threatened. Consciously, they may even have a long list of all the many reasons for why they need to make a change. And yet, to their own confusion and frustration, they may also find themselves repeatedly engaging in self-sabotage.

Quite often, internal conflicts in the unconscious mind are the result of some form of trauma or other imprinting event. These negative trance experiences can cause a person to internalize beliefs that may help them survive in the moment but can also be damaging to them in the long-run. That is why therapeutic hypnosis can be so powerful; it allows us to go back and reprogram the unconscious mind. When we do this, we are able to create change from the inside-out by resolving internal conflicts and establishing harmony between both the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves.

What Sets Bridges Hypnosis Center Apart

There are many hypnotherapists in southern California, so why put your faith in us?

Transformative Results

From the most mundane habit changes to the most traumatic life challenges, we help our clients achieve breakthroughs where other practitioners often fail. We have worked with thousands of clients and a large number of them can trace dramatic life improvements back to their work with us. Rather than sending our clients through a revolving door of therapy, our goal is to help each client achieve measurable, noticeable improvements in the shortest amount of time possible. Our work is informed by years of experience in working directly with the unconscious mind. Because of this, we understand in a way that few others do, how to resolve the inner conflicts that are so often at the heart of a person's inability to move forward in their life.

World-Class Expertise

John Bridges has been involved in human psychology and personal changework throughout the majority of his life. Few other practitioners can match his levels of experience and expertise. He is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as multiple forms of advanced hypnosis. For nearly 25 years, John has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist, trainer, and consultant with thousands of clients and students across the U.S. and Canada. Originally trained by some of the most revered hypnotists in the world, John is known for his own innovations in the field. His clients have included business leaders, Hollywood actors, TV celebrities, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and everyday people. John is so respected, he is often ‘THE’ hypnotist that other hypnotists turn to when they need help.

Our Commitment to You

At Bridges Hypnosis Center, YOU and your wellbeing are our top priority. We operate from a solution-focused, client-centered model of hypnotherapy. Put simply, our clients know we care. That means that we deeply respect your personal values and goals and will do everything reasonable within our power to see you succeed, both during and after your sessions with us. We know that a healthy, cooperative therapeutic relationship is a must when it comes to creating lasting, positive change. That is why we provide a safe, friendly, caring, and non-judgmental space for our clients. We appreciate that when you choose Bridges Hypnosis Center, you are placing your trust in us.

Start your journey to inner peace today!

The Hypnotist Other Hypnotists Turn to for Help

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Bridges Hypnosis Center has been selected four years in a row for 'the Best of San Marcos' Award for Hypnotherapy and is part of the 2024 San Marcos Business Hall of Fame! 


My name is John Bridges

​"For over 23 years, it has been my passion and my mission to help people transform their lives through hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming..."

​John Bridges has received more authentic ‘5-Star’ client reviews than almost any other hypnotherapist south of Los Angeles. He originally founded Bridges Hypnosis Center in 2001 and has been in practice for over 23 years. During that time, he has helped transform the lives of thousands of clients, including business leaders, Hollywood actors and TV celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, psychologists, students, everyday people and even other hypnotists. Below is a list of some of his formal credentials:

  • Board-Certified Consulting Hypnotist (BCH), the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor (CI), the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis (CPEH), the Washington School of Clinical & Advanced Hypnosis

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (CH), the Leidecker Institute for Hypnotherapy Training

  • Certified Practitioner of Complementary Medical Hypnosis, Dr. C. Scott Giles and the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Certified NLP Practitioner (NLP), Midwest NLP, a Bandler-Certified School

  • Former Seminar Facilitator & Life Coach, Anthony Robbins & Associates

  • Personally mentored in life coaching by Alan Brown, Tony Robbins' top trainer in the U.S. at that time

  • Consultant & trainer in advanced communication to multi-billion dollar organizations across the U.S. and Canada

  • Public speaker and author


John has been personally trained and mentored by some of the world's most respected instructors and innovators in the field of hypnotherapy, including Arthur Leidecker, Roy Hunter, Kevin Hogan, Don Mottin, Dr. Shaun Brookhouse, and Dr. C. Scott Giles.

John Bridges BCH CI CPEH_edited_edited_e
John Bridges Certificates Awards Associations

How Change Happens

 Reprogramming Your Unconscious Mind

Although we tailor our work to the uniqueness of each client and their situation, we generally follow four phases to ensure permanent, positive change...


Your In-Person Consultation

Change begins with a free, no-risk, no-obligation in-person consultation. Typically, this lasts about an hour. During this free session, we will help you define your goals and the challenges you have been facing. We will also cover the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as how we have assisted others facing similar challenges. We work with most clients over four to six sessions. If at the end of your consultation it feels like a good fit for all parties, we will discuss next steps, fees, and booking your first 'real' appointment.


Experiential Work

Depending on your individual needs and challenges, we may employ experiential techniques in addition to suggestive hypnosis. For example, hypnosis can be used to reveal and heal trauma, directly resolve internal conflicts, and reprogram negative beliefs and imprints. In all cases, the purpose of such work is for healing and clients invariably leave such sessions feeling unburdened. However, deep healing is not always required and sometimes massive progress can be achieved simply by helping the client identify at an unconscious level with their future successful self.


Laying a Foundation for Change

You can expect to experience deep hypnosis from the very first session. We start by conducting tests to see how you, as an individual, go into trance. From there, we will implant suggestions for positive change and expand your self-concept. The goal is to shift your unconscious comfort zone so that you begin to naturally gravitate toward your goals. Invariably, clients report their first session as profoundly relaxing and positive.

In subsequent sessions, we will employ a variety of both traditional and advanced techniques to begin guiding your unconscious mind toward permanent, positive change.


Self-Hypnosis Training

We believe in truly empowering our clients. That means teaching them how to use self-hypnosis to master their internal dialogue, visualizations, and responses. Self-hypnosis is a perfect way to reinforce the progress we have already achieved and ensure the client is successful and does not have to repeat hypnotherapy in order to maintain results.

Frequently Asked Questions


"Is hypnosis real?"

Hypnosis has been employed in psychotherapy for decades, and has also been used across the world in lieu of anesthesia in thousands of often dramatic medical and surgical operations and procedures, including leg and arm amputations, abdominal surgeries, kidney surgeries, etc. The American Medical Association first recognized hypnosis as a valid medical procedure over 65 years ago, in 1958. Short answer:  Hypnosis is VERY real. 


"Is hypnosis safe?"

As a therapeutic modality, hypnosis has been proven to not only be safe, but is also often profoundly pleasant. There are no documented cases of a person being harmed by hypnosis, itself. Hypnosis typically involves relaxing both the body and the mind for the purpose of increasing suggestibility and implanting positive suggestions. With this said, it is not unusual for clients to experience an emotional release or for unconscious material to surface while in a state of hypnosis. For these reasons and others, one should only work in-person with a hypnotist who is highly-trained and thoroughly experienced in addressing issues that may arise while a client is in trance.   


"What if I can't be hypnotized?"

Since hypnosis is a naturally occurring learning state, the vast majority of people can be hypnotized, including even those with a degree of mental illness. It is a myth that a person cannot be hypnotized because ‘their mind is too strong’. At Bridges Hypnosis Center, we employ proven hypnotic induction methods, as well as advanced techniques, designed to induce the deepest levels of hypnotic trance. Some of these hypnotic induction methods were originally created for use in medical procedures. Before your first actual session of hypnotherapy, we conduct suggestibility testing in order to help tailor our approach and maximize the probability of positive results. 


"While under hypnosis, can I be made to do something I don't want to do?"

The general answer is, ‘no’; in fact, while in hypnosis, although you will be profoundly relaxed, you will also have a full awareness of what is occurring at all times. You will not divulge your darkest secrets, and neither can you be made to do anything that violates your personal values or is against your will. With that said, it is very important that you are able to trust the hypnotherapist you are working with. Are they properly trained? Do they have your best interests at heart? Are they both an experienced and ethical practitioner? Are they fully-committed to your welfare and the achievement of your positive goals? These are all perfectly legitimate questions to ask.


"What does hypnotherapy cost?"

At Bridges Hypnosis Center, our base fees are at, or even slightly below, what many other professionals in our field typically charge. Our goal is not to be competitive with other practitioners, but to make our services as affordable as possible to those who need them. Even if finances are an issue, If you feel you could really benefit from hypnotherapy, we strongly encourage you to book a free consultation. Quite often, we can work out a treatment plan that will meet your budget.

Affordable treatment plans are available.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain!

Book your FREE, no-risk, no-obligation consultation now by clicking the button above or call our office at: 

(800) 284-2798

Please Note:   With the exception of some clients for non-therapeutic issues, all sessions

are live and in-person and are conducted in a safe, controlled office environment.

Office Address

Bridges Hypnosis Center

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Office Hours

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